24 September, 2014

National Bank Donates Computers to TSC

Nairobi: September 24th, 2014: National bank has donated 15 desktop and 5 laptop computers value at Ksh1.7 million to the Teachers Service Commission to assist computerize the commission. 

Handing over the computers to TSC Secretary Gabriel Lengoiboni, National Bank Managing Director and CEO Munir Sheikh Ahmed said the donation underlines the bank’s full commitment to promoting capacity development as a pillar of its corporate social responsibility.  

“We’re happy to donate these computers to the Teachers Service Commission. The Commission serves hundreds of thousands of teachers annually, and this donation will improve the technology that is available to the commission in undertaking its duties towards teachers across the country,” said Mr. Ahmed.

He added: “At National Bank, we believe that a part of our responsibility as corporate citizens is to give back to the community. To underline our deep commitment to making a difference in people’s lives, we are guided by an existing policy and the Bank commits a substantial budgetary allocation each year to CSR initiatives with focus on education, health, environment, sports and vulnerable group.”

Receiving the computers, Mr Lengoiboni thanked the bank for the donation and pledged to use the computers judiciously

The Commission has been integrating technology in its service delivery to over 250,000 teachers. We are grateful to National Bank as this donation will go a long way in helping the commission achieve the goal of automating its systems sooner,” Mr Lengoiboni he said.
National Bank is a fully fledged Commercial Bank established in 1968 to provide Kenyans access to finance. It has since grown to be one of the largest commercial banks in the country with staff of 1800, a growing network of 75 branch outlets across the country, 140 ATMs and electronic channels of Mobile and Internet Banking. 

23 September, 2014

University Of Florida Swahili Students Dancing @diamondplatnumz "My Number One Song"

Diamond Platnumz
 Tanzanian Bongo Singer @DiamondPlatnumz fans will certainly find this dance video beautiful but hilarious! Apparently University of Florida 2014  African Language Initiative(AFLi) Elementary Swahili students made an impressive dance video of the popular "Ngololo dance " tune and its generating quite a buzz online.You just have to appreciate the effort as Swahili is not their native tongue and attempting the rhythmic dance was clearly  a gargantuan task for them !

Reminds me of the film of the typical stereotype ad lib  "Whitemen Cant Dance(they even made a Movie)"! But surely the University of Florida Class deserve a pat on the back for the effort.Apart from the dance video they also created a tutorial video with the class engaged in a make believe Swahili conversation video.

Well that's a start and its pretty impressive one especially  considering it takes extra effort when one undertakes the task of learning a new language that they are not exposed to and hardly listen to it on a day to day basis ! I am sure the instructors are pleased  and had a good time while at it .Kudos Messrs  Filipo Lubua, John Munyui and Brenda Wawire!

18 September, 2014

Nigerian Blogger Linda Ikeji:When Blogging Pays Up Massively !

She has all the reasons to smile after putting her hand to event planning,modelling,book writing and blogging. Blogging paid off.On Tuesday she put up a blogpost flaunting her new 24 Million Naira Range Rover  and since then many Nigerians have turned to blogging to see whether fortune can come knocking her way.

Linda Ikeji with three new Cars
We are yet to see a Kenyan make so much for blogging but the truth is we are heading there.Blogging is so influential case in point is Bizokulu post on being denied a Visa that earned him a second chance with the British Ambassador Christian Turner. However we are yet to see blogging translate into "serious cash" for a Kenyan Blogger. Most get by paltry handouts, tech gadget on loans, petty freebies and events. A few are having engagements with corporates that ends up with lump some payments and hardly a contractual engagement.Some have had to leverage blog associations with intent to generate collective influence, exposure and perhaps then get to the money.

Its true many will say money is not the motivation.But question is wouldn't it be nice  if blogging itself could pay as much as it has done for  Perezhilton, Huffington Post and the Linda Ekeji's of this World ...and if not can it at least self sustain the blog and the blogger? For that to happen however question is are people willing to engage you financially due to the content you write.That can be a ready telling fact.

But that is not really it with the case of Linda Ikeji, she operates a freemium blogger platform , has massive traffic  and a global rank 2,077. What is perhaps telling is that majority of her traffic is Nigerian.It therefore is an indicator that perhaps muchof what she is making is coming from Nigerian based company's or global company's that have an interest of reaching the Nigerian Market.
Point being is that if Kenyan bloggers are to make it rich  then they have to have locally appealing content ,get steady readership and develop influence value that can be sale able to the corporates.

Now if you think you can make money from blogging in Kenya such as Linda Ikeji has please note that it has been a long time coming for her(actually around 7 years), it took hard work, the right kind of content and perseverance.  The best advice really would be keep blogging, write relevant content, be authoritative and not just a rabble rouser and keep at it. You will find it rewarding in many senses(cents)!


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